Montag, 31. Dezember 2007

Ricoh GR Digital II - ein Nachtrag

Carl Weese, der sich intensiv mit der Datenqualtät von Kameras auseinandersetzt, fragte mich, ob ich ihm einige Dateien der Ricoh GRD II zur Ansicht überlassen wolle.

Er schrieb:
“I'd be really interested to see how the camera (Ricoh GRD II) does on a particular problem I'm looking at, which is how digital sensors deal with small details against bright sky.”
Ich habe ihm gerne die Bilder zur Verfügung gestellt, zumal mich das Ergebnis seiner Prüfung selbst sehr interessiert.

Hier Carl's Bericht:
"The file shows what I'd pretty much expected from a camera with that many pixels on a small sensor.
The thin dark details of the branches and the power lines register what I'm calling “false color.“ This may be a variation on color fringing (by the sensor, not due to chromatic aberration of the lens).
Essentially, details this small present nothing but an edge, and end up being resolved not with the color of the original subject but an artificial blue color.
A related problem is with similar subjects seen against an overcast, white, sky.
In that case, a bright sky area (or window from indoors) would be acceptable-looking even fully clipped, but the effect is ruined because some object (tree branch, window frame, top of a building) shows a blue or purple fringe at the transition-to-highlight edge.

While there's quite a strong tendency to false blue color in details seen against a deep blue sky, the transition-to-highlight behavior is really excellent.
In the couple of shots with some bare white sky, the details fading into that bright sky are very convincing, very “optical looking“ rather than digital/artificial looking.

The overall results are quite impressive.
I really have to remind myself that I'm looking at shots from a tiny pocket camera! Thanks for sharing these results with me.

BTW, I think these results bode well for using the camera to make b&w conversions.
The problem of false color against a blue sky pretty much goes away in that case, while problems with transition to highlights don't disappear with conversion."
Thanks Carl!

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