Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2007

Canon EOS 1D Mark III …und Canon Deutschland?

Nach den Nachrichten aus USA und England will Canon Deutschland wohl erst innerhalb der nächsten zwei Wochen zu den auftretenden AF-Problemen bei der 1D MK III Stellung nehmen.

Es ist auch denkbar, dass die registrierten Besitzer der Kamera direkt angeschrieben werden.

Wer selbst nachhaken will schreibt ein Email an:

und hofft auf Antwort.

als Nachtrag ein Statement von Canon Australien:

AF Mirror Adjustment Issue

To owners of the EOS-1D Mark III:

We regret to inform that some units of the EOS-1D Mark III digital SLR camera (launched in May 2007) have been found to have an issue with the Auto Focus Mirror. This issue is limited to a specific range of units, and results in unstable focusing and AF tracking performance when using AI servo continuous shooting, particularly in high temperatures.

Please check the serial number as indicated below to confirm whether this issue is relevant to your camera. We are preparing to offer a free service from late November to customers with affected cameras who are experiencing the issues described.

We will announce additional details on our website as soon as they become available.

We offer our most sincere apologies to all who have been inconvenienced by this issue.

How to identify affected products:

If the serial number on the bottom of the camera is between 501001 and 546561, it could be affected by the “AF mirror adjustment issue”

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