Donnerstag, 6. September 2007

1 Jahr "Working Pictures"

Store Window, Elmira, New York, © Carl Weese

Carl Weese, Großformatfotograf und Fine-Art-Printer, macht seit dem 6. September 2006 einen Blog mit Fotos aus der Kleinbild -DSLR (einer Pentax K10D mit Pancake-Optik).
Es ist ein Tagebuch des Gesehenen. Es ist straight-photography.
Wer nicht nur auf das Einzelbild schaut, sondern Interesse an der Kontinuität hat, dem erschließt sich auch Carl's ganz spezielle Art der Fotografie.

One Year “Working Pictures”!

Congratulations, Carl, and thanks for a great and “straight” photo-blog.

Here some quotes from comments to your blog, which speeks for themselves:

“Sometimes the photograph--the print in hand, the photographic image in the mind's eye--semms more real to me than the world itself.”

“That is a strange image. The more I look at the more confused I get.”

“Indeed an attention-grabbing images from two worlds apart in time and in space: one shows no sign of a modern world but one can feel and see the light that cast the shadows life and people living assemble, and the other two, shows in vivid colours: signs of a modern and boring mechanized urban planning and a sanitized living environment and the solitude of modern life.”

“Sorry but it does not appeal to me. It looks rather like vacation snapshots.”

“I used to go crazy waiting for everything to appear absolutely still in a composition. Then I realized, as you did, that some movement, blur, in a photograph can increase its visual interest.”

“Capturing time by capturing moving parts of life brings something like the 4th dimension into the wonderful medium of photography - something no other art medium can realize ....?”

“Ahhh... neat. Thanks, Carl! I'm looking forward to more of your work here to sink my photographic teeth into. How is it that the best photographers can take such interesting pictures of the most boring things in our lives?!?”

And this is Carl's answer, short and dry (is this english?):
“Always delighted to be a bad influence!”

Keep it up, Carl!

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