Sonntag, 16. März 2008

Ei, ei, ei, Rollei …

  • Camera type: 5M pixel digital camera
  • Image sensor: 3M AF module image
  • High resolution/image interpolation: 2304×2304pixels
  • Standard resolution: 1536×1536pixels
  • Low resolution: 768×768pixels
  • The number of sheets of forecast record : ・MiniSD card (256MB) high resolution/image interpolation: About 250 pieces / ・Standard resolution: About 430 pieces / ・Low resolution: About 1300 pieces
  • The continuous taking a picture time: For about two hours(CR2 lithium battery 1)
  • Monitor: TFT 1.1 inch color monitor
  • Storage media: MiniSD card
  • Image format: JPEG
  • Lens: 4.9mm and F2.8 and one crowd three piece compositions
  • Depth of field: 10cm~Infinite Too
  • Shutter speed: 1/15-1/2500(electric)
  • Exposure adjustment: Auto
  • White balance: Auto
  • Auto power off: It will turn it off in 60 seconds while no operated.
  • One Power supply: CR2 lithium battery
  • Size: W49×H73×D45mm
  • Weight: 100g(battery all-in)
  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Accessory: strap made of genuine leather, miniSD card (256MB and with adaptor), and CR2 battery

Na sowas aber auch!
Macht sich gut im Ostereiernest.

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