Donnerstag, 29. März 2007

Does every photographer need a project?

As I learned that a photographer without a project is like a fish without a bicycle, I finally decided to start my own project.

I had to find something, that is not to far away, because I plan to work on my project as often as possible.

In the end, I found a theme, I'm confronted nearly every day: the leftovers of the people in my living community (we are 6 adults and 2 - more or less - children).

As a result of my scientific studies, I found one main reason (beside some psychological aspects) for leaving behind a tiny little piece of food in pots, pans, on plates, in milkbottles, yoghurtpots, cucumber glasses and mustard tubes.

The reason is, that when I finish a pot, when I drink the final drop of milk, when I eat the last cucumber, I had to wash up, to clean up and to eliminate the garbage.

So, how can one avoid this uncomfortable work?

Right! One must leave some meal and go away!

Look, here is the first picture of my project!

This little piece of cheese doesn't look very attractiv, so nobody ever will eat it.

Oh - I forgot - does every photographer need a project?

To be continued

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