Montag, 27. Juli 2009

PEACE Garden

Garden with Peace Sign, Housatonic, Massachusetts, 7/26/09 • © Carl Weese

Carl schreibt zu seinem Projektbeitrag:
"I'd parked my truck and gotten out to take a look around this small town. A 25 year old Isuzu Trooper II painted an outrageous acid green color, with some custom sheet metal work, rattled up to the curb. I gave it a look because I owned a Trooper II from 1985 to 1997. It was coming apart at the seams when I dumped it for my current truck, so I was surprised to see a stablemate still on the road. The man who got out of it, who to me looked just about the same age as the little truck, detoured on his way across the sidewalk to the town's tiny grocery store and headed my way. Nodding at my camera he asked if I was looking for something. I said 'nothing in particular, anything that's interesting.' He told me there was a derelict factory building just up the road that people are trying to restore for businesses and lofts, and that there was a wonderful garden just a couple doors up the street. The garden is...I'm not sure 'wonderful' is the word I'd use, though certainly interesting...but when I saw the peace sign in a wreath on the front porch I immediately knew I needed to send it in for Martin's Public Eye Peace Project."

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