Freitag, 31. Dezember 2010

PEACE Sign plus…? - Happy New Year!

Naugatuck, CT • © Carl Weese

Carl writes for his contribution to the project:
"Hot off the memory card. Had to get out for a walkabout even though the light was awful with dead clear sky and crazy reflective light from the snow on the ground. The truck is facing more or less due north, I'm shooting from the east side of the street, and there's so much bounce light coming back to the truck that the triangle of northwest blue sky at the upper right, and the side of the truck, not to mention the drive-train and pavement under it, are all within range of the sensor, with only moderate use of ACR controls.
 The graffiti is on a heavy, solid chassis (not semi-trailer) refrigerated delivery truck. It was delivering supplies to a storefront take-out Chinese food restaurant on the central street of the town. If anyone has ideas how the other symbols here relate to the peace sign, I'd love to hear about it. As a point of speculative reference, it is highly probable that the goods are distributed from a warehouse in Brooklyn, NY, about 90 miles to the south and west, and it would not be surprising if the truck spends the night parked on the streets rather than protected in a lot."

Carl's photo is still a great picture for New Years Eve
And so I wish all contributors and readers of TPE

PEACE and Happy New Year 2011

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