Samstag, 20. November 2010

Aus meinem Fenster… / From my window…

© Markus Spring

Markus schreibt:
bin zur Zeit als Experte für eine NGO (Trinkwasserversorgung) in Colombo und weiter auf dem Weg an die Ostküste von Sri Lanka, und hab' aus dem Fenster fotografiert:
"These days Colombo is flooded with portraits of the old and new President, Mahinda Raja Rajapakse. Yesterday he had his 65th birthday with a big celebration, today are the inauguration ceremonies for his new term. The fact that he had to get the constitution changed for this and that his major opponent changed from a highly decorated army general to a criminal perpetrator who got convicted to many years in jail immediately after the victory of the government over the Tamil Liberation Forces does interest almost nobody here any more. The most important thing is the winning smile of the president (below), and the close neighborhood to commercial ads like in this image is no issue at all. There is not much hope that the people of Sri Lanka will soon see the effect of the proverbial light bulb regarding his president."

Markus, alles Gute für die Reise und für das Trinkwasserprojekt!

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