Donnerstag, 19. November 2009

HOW TO WIN PHOTO COMPETITIONS oder Guter Rat ist billig!

Exclude Unnecessary Elements

If you’re photographing a single person, don’t leave half another person standing nearby in the frame.

Pick a different angle or move your subject to a better position.

Photography is a form of communication and you should think what it is you’re saying with your photos.

If you’re saying this is a beautiful scene, make sure there isn’t rubbish lying around.

If you’re saying this is an amazing jump or dance move, make sure the background isn’t distracting.

Sometimes it’s a matter of making photographs really simple. Choose a lens that lets you isolate your subject, or change your viewpoint when taking the photograph.

Later, think about re-framing and cropping your image before submitting it for competition.

The subject's little sister is running behind and making the image busier than it needs to be. Either wait or pick another angle.

Get your entry in now only $9.00 for Amateur and $39.00 for Open entries.

Fantastic prizes, Global recognition, Prestigious merit awards

Judged by the best in the world

Hurry only a few days left to get your entry in.

Na, wer gewinnt wohl bei diesem Foto-Wettbewerb?

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