Sonntag, 19. August 2007

A propos …

“I wonder what we would think of cartier Bressons work if he posted it here today?”

“Not bad for an old fella...?
Very, very old fella!”

“I would thin as I do of all other great photographer's works. Inspiring and true art.”

“He'd probably be advised not to center the subject, not to over/underexpose etc.
I'm wondering what Marcel Duchamp would do with digital cameras/photography. He'd probably get banned quickly :-)”

“He'd be told his photo looks a bit soft around the edges at 5000000000% crop... “

“Bonjour Henri, assuming you are French, or at least understand it. This is a great capture, I love the composition and the dog. We had a dog that looked kind of like that one once. Your problem here is that your AF has focused on the wrong place—the man is actually kind of soft! The camera has mistakenly focused on the people in the doorway, creating a distracting softness in the man. Usually it is best to focus on the closest object and most times the camera will choose the closest large object to focus on, but unfortunately not here. But it is still an amazing capture. Cordially, …”

“Very funny. While the technical aspects of a photo are important, it seems that most are so infatuated with sharpness, clarity, contrast, etc. of their lenses that they won't accept an image that is just flat out pleasing to the eye in terms of perspective, composition, subject matter, etc.Good photos have a feel to them. If a photo really made me feel something but was a technical mess, it would still be a good photo. That's kind of the point of this whole thing right? To bring someone into that moment in time and actually feel it.”

“He would probably be in trouble for pointing his camera at children on the streets.”

found in a Discussion Forum of dpreview

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