Montag, 17. Oktober 2011


…a relevant commentary on the media. Again from the scene of Occupy New Haven, 10/15/11.

all photos © Carl Weese

Carl schreibt zu seinem Bilderbogen über die Occupy-Bewegeung in New Haven:
"Just a few of the many peace symbols to be seen everywhere during Occupy New Haven, October 15, 2011.
As the American mainstream media reluctantly begins to cover the "Occupy" movement, one of their prevalent memes characterizes it as composed of young people who are somehow the reincarnation of the hippies from four decades ago. Instead, the reality is that everyone is there from young adults to folks like these who at least are the right age to have been hippies four decades ago (I'm the right age too). There were families with young children, too. When everyone marched around The Green, many of the cars that were being held up as the police carefully alternated marchers and motorists through the intersections, began honking their horns not over the delays, but in solidarity. Some of the honking supporters were in Subarus and Civics, but some were in luxury cars. Just not 1% level luxury cars, I guess."
Ich finde es spannend, eine bildliche Vorstellung davon zu bekommen, wie sich die "Occupy-Bewegung" in anderen Ländern darstellt (weitere Fotos dazu auf Carl's Blog).

Leider kann ich im Moment nichts dazu beitragen.
Aber vielleicht hat ja eine Leserin/ein Leser des Blogs noch etwas in petto?

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